Privacy Notice

We respect your privacy, so you our only required to enter the information we need to take your order. This does include an email address, so that we have a point of contact regarding your order and allows us to send you an order confirmation.

We will not send anything to you that does not directly relate to your order(s) or account, unless you actively opt-in (we hate spam just as much as you do!)

Furthermore, we will never pass your data on to third parties except where necessary to fulfill your order.

We are governed by, and abide by the data protection act 2002. "But your site uses cookies. Isnt that bad?" Our site uses cookies, because they are more secure than the alternatives. Without them, there would be an increased risk of what is known as "session hijacking". The cookie we ask your browser to store on your PC simply holds a "session id" which lets our server find your shopping basket, and check if you are logged in. You can delete the cookie at any time using your browser (which will obviously have the side-effect of logging you out and emptying your basket)

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